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This site has become necessary as a result of the inaccurate and highly damaging and prejudicial Wikipedia article about me. This article has impacted very negatively upon all areas of my business and personal life.  The article has also been extremely harmful in continuing the further wide propagation of pre-existing myths and fallacies copied from other media. The private details given in the Wikipedia article has been responsible for actual identity fraud in recent times.  I have initiated this response, firstly, to protect myself and, secondly, to warn others who may also become subject to Wikipedia’s irresponsible and malicious vitriol.

Readers are urged to assist me and to petition Wikipedia for the article’s removal and for the removal of similar vitriolic articles about other living targets.

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Professor Geoffrey Edelsten is a medical entrepreneur who has provided the community with high quality innovative health care for decades.

He has been widely credited with:-
(a)    Starting the first locum service – providing relieving doctors when principals were unavailable,
(b)    revolutionising general practice in Australia,
(c)    commencing corporate medical practice,
(d)    introducing extended-hours medical centres, 
(e)    championing bulk-billing in Australia when its introduction was controversial and divisive; and.
(f)    leading significant changes in pathology delivery and medical deputising.

As a result, Edelsten has been recognised as one of the most influential GPs in Australia3 in his time.

Edelsten was the first private franchisee of a major Australian football team  when in 1985 he purchased the licence to operate the Sydney Swans Football Club, thus saving it from extinction and thus increasing the then VFL’s income.

In the 1980s he was embroiled in a number of controversial events and stood trial in respect to two alleged offences which culminated in his incarceration for a year and the removal of his name from the medical register.

It was widely accepted that the conviction was wrongful.[1][2]

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[1]    Sally Heath, The Age, 17th of Aug 1991.
[2]    Connolly QC former Queensland Supreme Court Justice, Opinion, 1993.

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